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Special thanks to brashcandy at A Forum of Ice and Fire for her early and generous interest (and her contributions to the argumention in the Princes of Dorne). Special thanks to Lord Riusma at La Garde de Nuit for much attentive reading, several corrections and insightful comments (for instance why Ramsay, as Lord of Winterfell, could properly warn the Ironborn of Deepwood Motte and of Torrhen's Square not to linger in his lands: the Tallharts and Glovers are not proper lords, but depend directly on Winterfell), and for directing my attention to the high standards of the wiki in the French Language.

I am grateful to many others who have offered comments, and even sometimes compliments. Some forum contributions have inspired my analysis (for instance this one, this one, or even this very sloppy one) or have a familiarity with my own thinking (this one).

The notion that much has been going on Winterfell behind the scene has been proposed here. For more on the topic, one might consult Yeade's Grand Northern Conspiracy which gathers coherently many arguments developed from there (I shall point out that, for all my thinking on the topic, I am not inclined to believe either that Barbrey Dustin is conspiring with Manderly, or that Lord Wyman intends to give Jon Snow the crown of the North).

Here are a few more enjoyable resources.

From Pawn to Player is an examination of the saga from the viewpoint and through the special sensibility of Sansa Stark, with numerous original essays on related characters and themes. It starts here and is near its end point here.

The mythological, legendary and sometimes historical foundations of GRRM's universe are discussed and examined from all angles in an ongoing debate, also known as the Heresy threads, started and largely monitored by Black Crow at A Forum of Ice and Fire.

For further information in the audiovisual form, one can watch and listen to the enjoyable History of Westeros podcast.

Here is a (not so long) list of modifications to the site, documented here for the convenience of early readers. Upon reread, all I see are spelling mistakes, faulty grammar, misplaced punctuation, incoherent use of tenses that I have given up on correcting.

Update 1

I have been asked for a summary: A Rough Guide.
The Black Bat added (irrelevant to the Winterfell chapters).

Update 2

The Princes of Dorne added (irrelevant to the Winterfell chapters).
The Unhooded Man and the Butcher added. It is a rather unsatisfactory attempt to reconcile a few disparate conclusions: The hooded man is linked to Crowfood and Mance. He brought news to Winterfell to seed discord between Roose's allies. His appearance led to the murder of Little Walder by Ramsay. He might be Robett Glover.

A list of minor additions.

Update 3

Update 4

The Winterfell Huis Clos